Picture Hanging on Masonry

This weekend we finally got around to hanging our picture in the grand hall on the masonry chimney breast of our fireplace.  This task had been on our list for ages, but as it involved a little more effort than simply positioning a picture hook on a rail, it never got addressed.

Here are a few tips that we learnt along the way:

  1. A large glass framed photo is heavy and will likely need two hooks to distribute the weight (or in our case, to stop the top of the picture frame warping).
  2. Use Rawlplugs and screws – we used these 4-6mm brown plastic ones available from screwfix here.
  3. Set out the screw positions with a tape measure and a level as the brick and mortar joints may not be level.
  4. The rawlplug will have a dimension on the packaging that indicates what size drill bit you will need.
  5. Don’t drill into the mortar, ideally you want to drill into the middle of a brick.
  6. Use the ‘hammer’ setting on your drill when drilling a hole into masonry – not the screwing, or the drilling setting, and make sure you use the masonry drill bit (typically gold), as this makes drilling into brick much easier.

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