Mirror mirror on the wall…

It turns out I seem to have a thing for circular shaped mirrors.  I bought a walnut laminate framed round mirror from IKEA for our living room about a year ago, and finally got around to hanging my round loop mirror.  Embarrassingly I actually purchased this mirror almost exactly two years ago (on October 1st 2014 to be precise) with money that my sister gave me for a house warming gift. I just never got around to hanging it as we were constantly in a state of dusty chaos.  (Sorry Philippa!)

My plan back in 2014 was to hang it in the corridor opposite the bathroom so it didn’t get fogged up after a shower, but once I installed a wall to wall mirrored medicine cabinet, an easy to open casement window, and a proper extract fan in our bathroom (I went with an  Expelair C4R as I liked its visual simplicity and the fact that you didn’t see the grilles) – a fog free hallway mirror was no longer necessary.

I’ve been vaguely irritated that we don’t have a hallway mirror, (one always needs to check that everything is in place before starting the day), so now in the front hallway my loop mirror now happily hangs.


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