Picture Wall

Over the  bank holiday weekend I finally got around to hanging the latest addition to our picture wall, a bright sunny print of three divers by Anna Marrow.  I bought the print at the Lambeth Country Show earlier this summer from a pop up stand run by GAS Gallery, but it took a while to come back from the framers.

I originally thought the print would go in the Grand Hall on our exposed brick chimney breast, but in the end I decided it was a little too small and that there was already enough sunshine yellow in that room!  So into the living room it went.

After paying for newly plastered walls, I was hesitant to pepper it with nail holes so decided a little while ago to use the more old fashioned technique for hanging photos, and actually hang them from the picture rail.    This method is used quite often in galleries when art is constantly changing, and also allows for the picture height to be adjusted quite easily.

I bought the chrome picture rail hooks from Amazon here (3 for £5.50).  I decided I didn’t want to be fussing around with twisting bits of wire and making loops, so used these clear pre-looped plastic strings (10 for £6.95) and these adjustable hooks (£0.99 each), both from Neumann Bilderrahmen, and available on Amazon.





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