A new bench

I have been keeping my eye open for a timber bench for our ‘Grand Hall’ for ages. Finding the perfect  bench is no easy task, (as I know one of my readers in particular can certainly empathise with!).  As this task hasn’t been a priority, I never specifically went out hunting for a bench, hoping to just one day stumble upon it serendipitously when pottering through a vintage furniture store after a relaxing artisan coffee break, or browsing through a designer shop online. (You may remember my post about dream benches which I made after collecting a few ideas over the past few weeks)

I generally find that if you go out shopping for something quite specific in a given day, even if you spend hours and hours, you will not find what you are looking for and will just end up being frustrated at having wasted the time. (This basically happens to me every other year when I try to find a new pair of low heel, round toe, black leather boots – why is this so difficult?!).

Anyway. I’d  love to tell you a romantic story about how I picked this bench up in a Parisian flea market, or from a country barn hidden away in the Cotswolds, just like the home owners of the interiors featured in Elle Deco magazine always seem to tell. But, the truth of the matter is I found it online (by complete chance, I will add) on Etsy at a store called Magpies Vintage Shop.    The old school bench wasn’t expensive, was delivered directly to our door, and fits perfectly in the space.  Job done!





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