Two years ago today…

Two years ago today we moved into our home behind door eleven in sunny south London.

On the two year anniversary of our move, I think its always nice to look back on how far we’ve come…

After one year, we had completed phases 1 & 2 of the renovation which you can see here. In phase 1 we stripped a lot of wallpaper, did a lot of painting, removed a partition,  sorted out the stone fireplace hearths and bought some salvaged radiators to get our living room and hallway into shape. In phase 2 we refurbished our guest room/ study, giving it a fresh makeover complete with a new coat of paint, relocated radiator and some high level shelves.

This year we addressed some of the outstanding bits and pieces from our initial phases – the guest bedroom now has a bed, and solid timber shutters for instance. But other decisions remain outstanding – we still haven’t decided on what curtains to buy for the living room so the red ones remain, and the built in joinery beside the fireplace hasn’t yet been designed.

In the spring we embarked on our most ambitious phase of work yet – phase 3 – the bathroom and study refurbishment.  Here we took down partitions, pulled down the ceiling, removed a chimney breast and added in a steel lintel. We punched two rooflights into the roof, and insulated the rest. We relocated the boiler, re-configured the plumbing, and added a new room overlooking the garden.

We have now been taking a break from the renovation scene to take a break from decision making,  potter around in our garden and generally enjoy the summer… We plan to undertake phase 4 – our master bedroom renovation – over the winter months.

The Bathroom to Study transformation:BathroomToStudy-Before&After

Before and After Toilet and Side Window:BathroomToilet&Window-Before&After


Before and After Showering Experience:BathroomShower-Before&After

Before and After Hallway:BathroomHallway-Before&After





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