Our first Tomato!

In the spring earlier this year Alex announced that he wanted to grow tomatoes. ‘Tomatoes?‘ I balked incredulously… ‘in London?

Although I admit that the sun does in fact shine in the UK, in the summer it barely gets warm enough to wear a skirt with no tights, and you’d certainly never leave the house in the evening without a cardigan and a light scarf. Surely, I thought, London isn’t a climate for tomato growing.

Well, buoyed by a challenge, Alex purchased a mixer pack of 4 different varieties and planted them in one of our spare pots. He positioned the pot in the sunniest spot of our garden right near the house where it would also be well sheltered.

Feeding the plants weekly with the aptly named Tomorite (which, from what I can gather from the result, is basically steroids for Tomatoes), he has managed to successfully grow 4 full sized plants.  In fact, the plants seem to have truly thrived as they are now the same height as I am!  Plus, as of this weekend, our very first tomatoes are visible!




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