Creeping Wire Vine

Last year, having been inspired by my friend Anne-Sophie’s beautiful Parisian roof top garden, I purchased some Creeping Wire Vine  (also known as Muehlenbeckia axillaris, Mattress Vine, and Maidenhair Vine).  When I first saw this plant I instantly loved its tiny round shaped leaves and just had to have some!

Without planning on doing an experiment, I happened to position one plant in a pot that sits in partial sun near our seating area, and one in a pot in the shade to cover the soil beneath the Japanese Maple that I nearly killed last summer when I forgot to water it after a few rare hot summer days.  Being somewhat cynical about the British summer weather, I didn’t take much notice of the Creeping Wire Vine’s care instructions which indicated that it was a ‘shade loving’ plant as frankly for most of the summer we are in shade under clouds!

Well, the above photos tell a different storey… The photo on the left with the abundant lush and vibrant green leaves is of the pot in the shade, while the image on the right with the more wiry stems is the pot that spent last summer and spring the sun.

So, last weekend I moved the Creeping Wire Vine onto the shady side of the garden, and planted a half price lavender plant (which I took pity on at the grocery store) in its sunny place.





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