Garden Roses

The previous owners of our home clearly loved pink roses as we have not one, not two, but five pink rose bushes in our garden. The nearly continuous rain we had in June, paired with the recent few days of sunshine seems to have provided the ideal growing conditions for our roses. I actually can’t seem to pick and dead-head them fast enough!  The roses we have vary in species, but unfortunately my rose identification ability isn’t particularly sharp (despite an extensive internet search) so I can’t tell you exactly what they are.

I think the one with loads of horrible almost fur like thistles and clusters of tiny hot pink flowers (left image) might be a Moss rose, the one on our garden fence is most certainly a variety of English Climbing Rose ,  and the other three shrubs (right image) are English Garden Roses (of which exact origin I have no idea)

I’d probably choose different flowers if I was starting to plant a garden from scratch, (not being a huge fan of the colour pink… or roses for that matter) but it is certainly nice to have some colour in the garden and for it to feel like summer at last.


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