Dream Benches

For ages I have been collecting dream bench ideas for our ‘Grand Hall’ to sit along the long wall where the fireplace frame, (which we eventually sold on Gumtree) is shown here.   Last weekend we actually had time to give the house a clean from top to bottom and when we moved our bikes out of the Grand Hall I was reminded of how nice it would look with a bench to sit on to take off our shoes instead.  So, as we are between renovation phases, I thought I’d spend a bit of time on this challenge!

At over £500 a pop they really are ‘Dream Benches’, even if I could wrangle an architect’s discount out of the supplier!  The cork topped Marco Cork Bench is just about affordable, however not only does my good friend Claire have one (which you can see here in her lovely new kitchen), it is a little too short for what I am after.

I also considered undertaking an IKEA Hack on the  IKEA Sinnerlig cork coffee table, but it hasn’t been in stock for two years (or at least when it says it is, there are only 2 available so I don’t dare take my chances on the epic journey to Croydon only to find them sold!). My plan was to remove the black legs and install bright yellow hairpin legs instead (which you can buy here from Etsy ). The reason I was going to use the coffee table, is that the bench is just a bit too short! Anyway, I have given up on this idea as in time I would probably tire of the hairpin legs (is it just a passing trend?), and also because I wasn’t 100% sure how securely I would be able to fix the legs into the top, given it is probably just has a corrugated cardboard core.

The benches shown include:

  1. Skagerak Georg Bench in Oak – (with cute elastic held cushion) – 124cm long – £599
  2. Ercol Love seat in Dead Matt Elm and Beech – 117cm long – On Sale now for £620 from Heals
  3. Ercol Love Seat in Graded Mandarin – 117cm long – £820
  4. Seating Bench Two from Another Country – 160cm, 180cm and 200cm long – starting from £685
  5. Marco Bench – 90cm long – £159
  6. Sinnerlig Coffee Table – 150 cm long – £85 + 4 Hairpin Legs – £41
  7. Tom Raffield Crib Bench – (notice the curved wood horizontal bar) – 120cm long – £685
  8. Rowen & Wren Byron Indoor Outdoor Bench – 123cm long – £682

I love love love the bench from Another Country, and one day, many years from now maybe I will have the bench, the table and the beautiful kitchen dining room extension to put them in, but for now we can simply dream and enjoy the images!









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