Wire Spice Racks

When I was looking for small baskets to mount on to the doors of my under tub storage, I stumbled upon these 4 tier wire spice rack baskets on Amazon in the same range. I was really pleased with the quality for the price of the single tier ones that  we purchased for our bathroom, so after sorting that out, we decided to buy a 4 tier rack for our kitchen.

We won’t be refurbishing the kitchen for a little while yet, but as we have to live with the current situation for a few more years, I figured we may as well sort out a few of the things that vaguely annoy us. One of those things was our spice jar storage situation.  All of the spices were clustered on a single shelf, making it difficult to find the ones we needed, which were then inevitably the ones at the very back.  This spice rack completely solves that situation, and also frees up valuable shelf space.  Job done!

I also bought another single tier rack to go on the cabinet door under the kitchen sink to store rubber gloves and scrubbing brushes – which are now much easier to reach.

Just a quick note about the installation of these spice racks…. make sure you check the height of the baskets in terms of where the shelves are in your cupboard to make sure they don’t clash. You will see from the photo that the second rack down from the top can only hold short items. Tall jars would just hit the shelf!


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