A little more storage under the bathtub

When I refurbished my one bedroom flat on Camberwell Grove, I always slightly regretted not making use of the space underneath the bathtub given storage space was so limited. The areas behind the base and head of a tub is actually a perfect spot to hide away cleaning products so they are close to hand, or store bulky shampoo bottles which don’t fit in a medicine cabinet.

So, instead of a removable bath tub front panel which is typically screwed in to allow for access for future maintenance if required, I asked my builder to install three hinged doors instead.  I got the doors professionally sprayed so they will resist the humid environment of a bathroom better than a painted finish.

I just recently installed the wire baskets so can now show you the finished product!

The wire baskets are actually re-purposed single tier spice racks, purchased from amazon for £6.99 and fit just perfectly on the width of door.  I was a bit worried that the taller items might fall out when the door was opened as the basket is so shallow proportionally, but as I don’t swing the door open quickly it works just fine.




3 thoughts on “A little more storage under the bathtub

  1. Thanks John! I probably didn’t ‘need’ the baskets, but it does make reaching the various bottles I use most easier than having to reach the back of the bath tub.

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