Guest Tour – Max Brown Hotel Amsterdam

This will be the last post about our trip to Amsterdam – I promise! Its just that with our bathroom and study refurbishment now complete there is less to report on with the house until we start the next phase…

For the extended weekend portion of my business trip to Amsterdam, Alex and I stayed in the Max Brown Hotel in the Museum district. We don’t normally stay in hotels, opting typically for small B&B’s or the AirBNB option, but in Amsterdam the prices were basically the same so we decided to choose this hotel as the location was good. I was also curious to test out their version of the current hotel trend for providing tiny, but well designed and decorated, hotel rooms.

This fairly new hotel chain is very similar to the Ace Hotel Chain in concept, in that it provides trendy decor, quality linen, and posh soaps in generally smaller than standard rooms to cut down on cost and price, but not quality. Typically you can stay in a Small (ie teeny tiny), Medium or Large sized room – so even people who can’t afford a large room can still stay in a nice hotel, in a good location.   Like the Ace in NYC, the ground floor is given over to a stylish communal lounge and bar where visitors can hang out and drink coffee (because the rooms are so small).  As we discovered in NYC last year, the formula works as when you are out and about sight seeing all day you really don’t need a huge room to come back to.  And, as the super comfy bed and soaps are typically nicer than what you have at home, it still feels like you are on holiday and treating yourself.

Above are a few photos from our stay in one of the Small rooms. I’d say the rooms and common parts were all really nice, but the bathrooms (not pictured) felt a bit cramped and somewhat average in their finish…



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