Inside the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

As you are generally allowed to take photographs in museums and galleries these days (without a flash), I thought I would share a few highlights from the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam.

Why are these photos relevant to a blog about doing up our home at door eleven?  Well, because I tend to look at architecture, light and colour everywhere I go. I always like to question and understand what actually makes certain spaces so great so that I can take those nuggets of information home with me. Here at the Rijks Museum I love the contrast between the bright and contemporary new entrance hall and the ancient book clad library that exists in one wing.   The contrast of light and dark between these spaces and the adjacent galleries creates interest in a building,  and indeed also in a home… something I am trying to consider behind door eleven.  Also, more evidence that dark walls provide a striking backdrop for artwork. But I already knew that.


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