Bathroom photoshoot

Our bathroom has actually been complete for a little a week now after we spent a weekend quietly finishing up the painting.  It took me a little while however to wait for the right light conditions to photograph the space, and then to sort out the photos – but here they are at last!

We are really pleased with the overall result. We are especially pleased with our massive skylight which gives the happy impression that we are showering outdoors in the rain or in the sunshine, depending on the weather conditions.  When we moved out of my sunny 2nd floor flat, the darker rooms and long, dark narrow corridors of our new home were a bit of a shock to the system, so every phase of work we undertake I try to make the rooms feel more spacious and bring in more daylight.  Taking the ceiling up to the rafters makes what is actually a very compact bathroom feel generous and light.  I think in fact our bathroom is officially the brightest room in the house at the moment!

I had fun with the shoot, although photographing small, all white spaces is not easy. Here are a few tips and tricks that I learnt along the way:

  • When there is too much direct bright sunshine casting shadows in an all white room, the contrast can become too strong and the shadows distracting.
  • It can be difficult to see the detail in the shadows without washing out the white bright areas entirely.
  • You will need a wide angle lens, and will then need to spend some time in photoshop straightening out the fish-eye distortions that are created to get your vertical lines straight again.
  • Make sure you polish up your chrome taps before the photoshoot, it is near impossible to ‘photoshop’ out water spots on a curved reflective surface.
  • To get more in, consider standing in the hallway with the door open looking in.
  • Watch for reflections in mirrors. Lowering the camera angle can allow you to hide your reflection so it is just out of view from mirror cabinets above a sink.
  • Watch for reflections in chrome taps. It is best to wear a white shirt so if any reflections are captured, they are visually neutral. Busy striped shirts can cause strange reflections in mirrored taps

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