My Annual Visit to IKEA

Every year I like to make the trek to IKEA Croydon just to check out the latest in clever storage solutions.  Most of their furniture is not exactly made to last, but they do have great ideas and I always tend to find the odd item which is durable and well designed. This year I went specifically to check out this year’s designer collaboration Viktig with Ingegerd Råman, to pick up a few bits and pieces for our Study as identified in my Yellow Option, and to look at the storage ranges to inform our next renovation phase some time in October (the master bedroom).

Unfortunately there weren’t that many pieces in stock in the new range, but I still managed to come home with a few nice things:

  • The Viktig Glass Jug – I fell in love with the round shape of this jug designed by Ingegerd Råman, which for some reason reminds me of a teddy bear’s round belly! So at the bargain price of £6.95, I just couldn’t ‘bear’ to leave it on the shelf.
  • 365+ cork coasters – I bought some of these for £0.80 a pair for our study. They are thick and sturdy and with their rebated bottom rim satisfyingly stack neatly on top of each other.
  • Kvissel Series Boxes – I was pleased to discover that the price of £13 was  actually for a 4 box set, and that they are in fact made of powder coated metal (for some reason I had thought they were possibly a cheap plastic). With their crisp corners and neat cork tops the Kvissel box set also came home with me.  The pen holder was MUCH larger than I imagined it to be, so I didn’t end up buying it.  The cork lined letter tray, that also comes in the range was considered, but the metal shelves were very stiff and scratchy to pull out, so those didn’t make it into my basket either.
  • Himalayamix  Pot Plant – One of these came home with me for £4.50 to enjoy the humidity of my morning shower in our newly refurbished bathroom.
  • 365+ dinner serving ware – I bought a few of these dishes last year and we use them all the time, so thought I’d buy another of the smallest size for £2 to fill with pre-dinner nibbles.
  • Ikornnes Floor Mirror – I’ve been keeping my eye open for a mirror for the guest bedroom for a while now and when I saw this one I though it would be perfect. The guest room doesn’t have any hanging space, so the clever back rail on this mirror allows for a few shirts to be hung and solves that problem without buying a bulky wardrobe that will only occasionally be used. (In a small space, I always like my furniture to serve two functions if at all possible to earn its keep!) It is made of ash and bent plywood, with the plywood grain exposed along the edges which I like.

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