30 Day Challenge Take 2 – Part 4

You will remember that back in January this year I started the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. I made it to Day 15 before answering questions from the contractor about the bathroom and study took over my free time.

I had always planned to pick up where I left off to see if I could beat my record from last year which was 20 days of clutter clear out, and so the few days in the run up to (and over) this bank holiday weekend seemed like as good a time as any.  I managed 5 more days:

  • 16 bits and pieces that had been accumulating in the guest room cupboard
  • 17 random household items including light bulbs left by the previous owner for lighting in cupboards that no longer exist.
  • 18 items from our sewing box which haven’t ever been used
  • 19 documents in a mass paperwork clearout to minimise what I put in our new study. (Important documents all scanned in)
  • 20 fabric items including old duplicate sheets and bedding, and curtains left for us by the previous owner for the guest bedroom (no longer needed as we installed wood shutters), the bathroom (no longer needed as we installed privacy glass in the new window), the living room (I am still not sure what to do about curtains here, but we certainly don’t need both the ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ curtains!)



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