A spot of garden work

Yesterday it was sunny and warm all day and so we decided to take advantage of this rare bank holiday weekend weather and spend some time tidying up our garden after pretty much neglecting it all winter.

The plants I had pruned back in March were all doing well and seemed really happy to of had a good ‘haircut’…. but apart from that things were looking a little shabby.

The side return area was filled with builders dust and debris from the works, and loads of leaves had accumulated in the corners. The grass need cutting and there were bald patches scattered about. There were bits and pieces of timber from the bathroom demolition phase that still had to be down to size so they could be disposed of. The mint was struggling to survive in its pot, (I know, its hard to believe!), and one of support ties holding back a wall climbing plant had snapped and so it had fallen into the lawn.

A sunny few hours of work later we had tidied everything up, and are now officially ready for BBQ season!


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