Study complete!

I am pleased to report that I am actually, at long last, officially writing this blog post from our brand new study.  From here, I can look out over our sunny back garden and keep an eye on the various neighbourhood cats that wander across the rear garden fences. I have space to spread out on the full room width desk, and its warm and cosy.

The frosted privacy glass window panes was replaced with clear glass recently, and we finally finished up the remaining bits and pieces of sanding and painting. I haven’t made my trip to IKEA yet to buy the drawer bases for our desktop, but have improvised with some airline lockers that were, until now, in the living room holding up a book shelf (now replaced with other books until I get around to designing some joinery!).

I moved the green chair from our guest room into the study, as I am leaning towards the green accented colour scheme here, given the proximity of this room to the garden (and the fact that I have a lot of sunshine yellow in the house already!).  So ‘bedroom chair’ has just been added to my ‘things to look out for’ list.

I used a vintage letter punch that my friend Claire gave me for my 40th to label the Muji binders. A scattering of plants inspired by my friend Heather’s flat in Chicago finishes off the study for the time being.





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