Our new hallway is nearly complete!

We had a really productive day painting yesterday and can finally see that the end is in sight at last.

Here you can see a view of the new extension to our hallway. There is still a top coat to go on the walls and woodwork,  but we will wait until the work is completely finished to do this (to save making too many touch ups).

Our builders have typically only been able to come back for one day each week as they have started another job. For the past 2 weeks, they used that time to sort out the leak and re-grout the tiles which had to be removed. Last Thursday however, they were able to install the door architraves and hallway skirting. As our new hallway is a continuation of the staircase, we decided to match the traditional skirting that exists already. There were a few tricky corners to negotiate, but they did a really good and careful job.   (In the new bathroom we opted for a more contemporary rectangular profile).

To hide the end of the steel angle supporting the chimney breast, I had an MDF shelf built around it and across the hallway above the door. This shelf provides the perfect sunny spot beneath our rooflight for both our Jasmine plant, and our bright red medicine box that no longer fits in our bathroom, (and that you may remember from my old flat here).




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