Dimmable LED Light bulbs

About a year ago when we installed the pendant lights in our living room and ‘Grand Hall’ I undertook a fair bit of online research to investigate which dimmable LED light bulbs were the best.

At the time, the recommendations were for these dimmable classic shaped Osram LED bulbs, (£7.85 each) and so we bought 2 of them so the two rooms would match.  While I am pleased with the output and colour temperature (it is a little cooler than a standard incandescent bulb, but is pretty close for a LED), they do occasionally flicker when dimmed down low. There is also a slight delay from when you flick the switch to when the light actually turns on – apparently quite common with LED lights.

LED technology is constantly being developed, and so for the  bathroom lights, I decided to try a different manufacturer. I didn’t need something quite as bright for such a small room and the Osram LED bulbs were only available in 60W equivalents (9Watt). I opted for these Philips 40 Watt equivalent (6 W), Warm glow dimmable classic shape LED bulbs (£3.98 each). I was curious to see if their claim that the colour temperature warmed as the bulb was dimmed was true.

And, they really do work! (Impossible to capture accurately photographically I’m afraid) The colour temperature at full brightness is very similar to a 40W incandescent bulb, and dimmed right down they give a lovely warm orange glow.  There is no flickering at low level, and although there is still a small second delay between flipping the switch and the lights turning on – it feels slightly more responsive.  Would certainly recommend!


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