Study Material Board – Blue Option

And finally, the Blue Option!   I show you this material board as I already prepared it, but I am leaning towards the Yellow or Green at the moment. We already have this inky blue hue in our living room, so feel it would be nice to go with something different.

We’ve also decided on a pair of drawer units (one for Alex, one for me!), rather than the storage cupboard shown in this option.  I’ve opted for drawers here as the contents are easier to access (no need to bend down to see what is at the back of your cupboard), and they will hold many more things than a single shelf in a storage unit. The ‘Alex’ range at IKEA actually has quite a few other nice cabinet configurations – I quite like the wider unit on casters – but its bigger than we need.

That means the binders will need to go on the desk, rather than stored away, and hence my reason for investigating a more attractive option for this than the mismatched somewhat dog-eared files we have currently! Even in today’s digital world alas there are still bits of paper we need to keep and store (pay slips for 10 years apparently, tax forms, latest utility bill etc).

So, in this material board I show you:

  1. Muji binders in Charcoal – £4.95
  2. Alex Storage Unit – £50
  3. White Muji toolbox – £7.95
  4. Kvissle Desk Organiser from IKEA – £7.99
  5. Furniture Linoleum from Marmoleum in Jeans- £25/ m2
  6. Flos Tab Desk Lamp – £205
  7. White painted rafters
  8. HAY About a Chair AAC22 – Price depends on Upholstery




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