Study Material Board – Green Option

Today I give you the ‘Green Option’. As with the Yellow Option, I have kept the existing floorboards lightly white-washed (my eventual plan), and the timber trusses exposed rather than painted white. At the moment I like how they contrast with the white walls and ceiling.

Items in this material board include:

  1. Muji craft paper binders – £4.95 each
  2. Alex Drawer Unit from IKEA – £50 each
  3. Furniture Linoleum from Forbo Marmoleum in Conifer Green – £25/ m2
  4. Grey Concrete Pot from Conpot – £20
  5. Wrong for Hay Lens Cork Box – £24 for the small box. Also available in other materials like ash and marble.
  6. Anglepoise Desk Lamp – I have a restored one that I bought in Camden Market ages ago. But you can buy a new one from Heals for £130 in brushed stainless.
  7. Copenhagen Chair by Hay – £140-£250 depending on finish
  8. Photo of fruit delivery truck from our travels in Sicily last year

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