Study Material Board – Yellow Option

So to distract myself from the delays to the bathroom, I’ve decided to focus on the study.

But first, the plan for our desk:

I opted for 2300mm tall doors in both the bathroom and study not only because Alex is tall, but to accentuate the sense of height. The tall doors also provide a bit of generosity in the vertical direction to make up for the narrowness of the corridor. The reason I am telling you this is because 2400 tall door blanks are 1200mm wide as standard. So, this meant that I had a 55cm wide offcut which was headed for the skip until I had the bright idea that I could use it as an economical desk top! My builder kindly cut it to the right length so it fits perfectly wall to wall in the space.

My plan is to eventually cover the top in Furniture Linoleum from Marmoleum to give it a nicer surface for writing on. It comes in many colours but my favourites are a deep forest green, a dusty dark blue, and of course a soft warm grey – so to help decide I’ve made three material boards for each.

As the linoleum roles come in 1.8m widths, (and I need 2m) to avoid buying 2m of length, I am going to just buy 1m, and add a band of cork at one end, which appears in all options. You may remember that I lined my shelves with cork and still have some left over which would work perfectly.

Todays material board includes:

  1. Jielde Floor Lamp
  2. Alex Drawer Units from IKEA
  3. 365+ Cork Coasters from IKEA
  4. Brown Craft paper lever binders from Muji
  5. White concrete plant pot from Conpot – Made in nearby South London
  6. Kvissle Desk Organiser from IKEA
  7. Yellow Utility Chair from Very Good and Proper
  8. Mushroom Grey Furniture Linoleum

2 thoughts on “Study Material Board – Yellow Option

  1. i love it all! my office (at work) is getting a re-do — nothing that i would pick, but freshened up. i might send you the layout once i have it for your blessing! ❤

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