One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

160411-StairsAt the moment it feels like with every step forward we make towards finishing up our little bathroom study project, we take about four steps back… which is why I haven’t made a post about this project in a little while and have been distracting myself with garden furniture!

I had lined up the delivery of the stone back panel behind the sink weeks ago so it perfectly coincided with the end of the job, however two days before the installation the stone supplier called me to tell me that when they drilled the last tap hole, the panel split in half along an invisible fissure.  The stone they offered in replacement wasn’t nearly as nice, so it took a week and a half before they finally found a suitable alternative.  Then because of the Easter break, there was further delay. As the panel wouldn’t arrive on site until April 8th, my builder moved onto his next job with the intention of assisting with that installation and finishing up the remaining bits and pieces on the same day.

Well.  The back panel successfully went in last Friday, but the top shelf cracked in half just after installation and needs to be replaced. (Add about a week more of delay).

Then we discovered that the extract fan had a defect, which, luckily, the manufacturer is going to replace free of charge. (Add 2 days until that work can be completed)

Then we noticed that the custom 3 gang light switch plate was supplied without its back seal ring. (Add 2 days until the missing part is delivered and can be installed)

Then I noticed that the tiles beneath the shower mixer were a slightly different shade of white to those adjacent to it.  After a bit of online research I discovered that rather than a bad batch of tiles, the more likely cause was a leak.   I read that tiles can darken in colour because the biscuit behind the glazed face gets saturated with water. So, I asked the builder to investigate, and sure enough one of the pipes was leaking slightly. (Add 3 days to remove the tiles, repair the pipe, let the wall dry out, replace the tiles, and re-grout)

So that’s where we are.  There are still a few more steps to climb before we get to the finish – but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

P.S. As an aside – this is a great website for trouble shooting issues you may have with tiles!


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