Garden Furniture

While we are being teased with on again off again spring weather, check out this brightly coloured garden furniture from french company Fermob that I recently came across. What I love about Fermob is their amazing range of bright candy colours. We aren’t in the market for new garden furniture just yet in terms of house priorities, but wouldn’t these be perfect? They would brighten up your garden in both the summer and on those rainy or cold winter days when all you can do to enjoy your garden is look at it from inside!

They are stackable, maintenance free and coated in UV stable paint,  so we wouldn’t have to worry about finding a place to store them in the winter.

They do a range of styles from the classic French Bistro Chair, to other more contemporary designs like the Luxembourg range.   I’ve also included some images of the equally brightly coloured Acapulco chairs , which my friend Heather from Chicago introduced me to around this time last year. They would make a nice pairing!

Now if I was back home in Canada with a cottage on the lake or a beach house on the East Coast of America, I would of course go for a pair of Adirondack chairs, but given my view isn’t quite as epic as the ones above – a smaller more practical solution is needed!


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