Lighting Inspiration for Spring

We ate our first ‘garden breakfast’ of the year this past Sunday, so it feels as though Spring has officially arrived and is sticking around at last.  My thoughts of course then took a break from our indoor refurbishments and turned to our garden.

I thought I’d have a look around the internet for a wireless garden light to put on our table as a quick fix to brighten things up.  Last year I experimented with a string of solar power lights, but didn’t get much joy out of them – the light output tended to be low at best (if it came on at all), and didn’t last long. They certainly were not bright enough to illuminate a table.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a significant increase in the number of fantastic little wireless LED garden lights coming onto the designer market.  Above are my favourites because I feel they would be equally at home indoors on a bedside table, sideboard or living room occasional table.

  1. Fatboy Edison the Petit II Table lamb designed by Alex Bergman – £64 (Also available in a larger size)
  2. Followme Wireless Lamp by Marset – £124
  3. Balad Wireless LED Lamp by Fermbob – £57 (Available in 6 different colours)

P.S. The garden does need a little attention, but I am pleased to report that despite an aggressive pruning back in February of not only the roses, but the trees and some of the other shrubs – everything is now coming to life


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