Entertainment while Painting

But first an administrative note:

I am forwarding on an apology from WordPress, whose automated anti-spam controls accidentally shut down Door Eleven two days ago. It took me a little while to figure out that it had in fact been shut down (and there wasn’t just a bug with their server) and then another 24 hours to get them to get it back up and running again. But, here we are at last, back to our regularly scheduled programme:

Painting the face of a door twelve times (primer coat, base coat, top coat x 2 doors x 2 sides to each door) isn’t exactly a riveting afternoon activity, so to keep us entertained during this and our weekend DIY tasks we have been listening to Season 1 of the fantastic podcast Serial. This true story of a high school murder case, told one episode at a time, was put together by the creators of This American Life – and we are hooked!

Ok, so I know we are sort of late to the party on this one as everyone has been raving about Serial for ages now – but not having a car has meant that we don’t tend to have long periods of time that we ‘need’ to fill with music or listening entertainment.  (You can’t exactly listen to a podcast while negotiating through London traffic on the commute to work!)

We are a few episodes from the end now, which works out well as we are almost finished the painting.  We just need to wait for the builder to install the joinery in the bathroom before the final coat of paint goes onto the hallway (in case they damage it – our hallways are pretty narrow and have taken a bit of a  beating).  Then there is the skirting and architraves to do once they go in and we’ll be done! 

Luckily there is a Season 2 of Serial which can keep us company on our next phase of work later this year.

(Photo of afternoon sunshine bouncing off a neighbours window and onto our newly painted study wall)


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