Guest Home Tour – Stu & Tamsin in Hampshire


Last weekend Alex and I took a trip to the ‘countryside’ to visit our friends Stu and Tamsin who moved out of London around the same time that we moved into Door Eleven.

They now live in a delightful stone worker’s cottage set in a series of sweet garden spaces with their adorable 1 year old daughter. The cottage sits beside an embankment, on a raised plot of land above the road which gives their garden lots of different levels, and consequently different ‘feels’.  Their bedrooms upstairs have long distant views of the rolling hills and fields, while there are intimate up close views of pretty rocks and greenery to look at directly outside of their kitchen.  Their property also has garage with a fully fit out ‘granny annex’ on the first floor where Stu runs his architecture practice Architecture Stuart Hatcher.

Like us, they are undertaking a phased refurbishment approach to their home. They have started with painting and refreshing the 3 upstairs bedrooms, installing an air source heat pump and new radiators throughout to heat their home, and building lots of great built in joinery and shelves (I enjoy the back lit clock!).

Its all looking great you two… thanks again for a lovely weekend.


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