Under Bed Storage

One of the things I sorted out before our renovation began was to find some slim depth under bed storage boxes so that just a few more of our possessions could remain dust free during the works (and beyond!).

I love the simple bentwood ash muji bed that we have in our master bedroom (no longer available in stores I’m afraid!), but I always struggled to find any storage boxes slim enough to fit in the shallow 170mm clearance. Luckily, Habitat recently started stocking a quite nice cardboard box range called Garner which comes in a number of sizes, including one that is just 155mm tall. Bingo.

I thought I would share the others I found in my search, in case you have a little more space or budget than I did:

  1. Recycled grey cardboard box from Habitat – 155H x 700W x 500D – £35
  2. Painted wood drawer on castors from Tesco – 233H x 1806W x 524D – £89
  3. Fabric bag from The Basket Company – 160H x 740W x 480D – £30 (out of stock now)
  4. Canvas Fabric bag from The White Company – 150H x 640W x 490D – £49
  5. Fabric Zip bag from Habitat – 200H x 760W x 460D – £15

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