After 8 Weeks

We have officially passed the original time estimate of 8 weeks this weekend. Although we aren’t quite finished (I estimate that the builders will be in and out for another 2-3 weeks, but not full time) the end is in sight. This week the builders:

  • Installed the bathtub so we no longer need to shower at work – yay!
  • Laid the electric heating mat
  • Almost finished laying the herringbone floor tiles
  • Started laying the subway tiles around the bath tub
  • Co-ordinated the stone templating for the backsplash with Bellagio Stone
  • Made the cutout in the masonry wall for the ventilation extract fan
  • Started preparing the timber joists for re-installation
  • Cleared all their tools out of the study so we could paint it on the weekend

I am super pleased with how the herringbone tiles are looking, so thanks everyone for your thoughts on the colour and size!

The bath tub is really pretty tiny at 1400mm long (I can’t stretch my legs out in it), so if you love soaking in the bath I would say that this is certainly a size too small. That said, we really just put the tub in for future re-sale value as you can’t really sell a ‘family home’ without a bath.  Alex and I are both ‘shower people’ and don’t tend to have much time to luxuriate in a big tub, and so really just wanted a shower.

To reduce costs, we decided to undertake the painting ourselves. Having been so particular with my builder over the course of the last 8 weeks, I figured we also had to do a top job! I have read that the key to a good finish is all in the preparation,  so this weekend we:

  • Carefully taped up all the electrical sockets so they wouldn’t get covered in paint
  • Lightly sanded the plaster walls with super fine 400 grit sandpaper to ensure a perfectly smooth surface to start with
  • Applied a 50% paint / 50% water base coat to the walls and ceiling not too thickly to avoid drips
  • Lightly sanded any rough areas that resulted from paint drips or clumps
  • Applied a top coat of Dulux Brilliant White emulsion throughout
  • Sprayed all the brickwork with stain block as the PVA and primer paint we applied last weekend didn’t quite do the trick. Over the course of the week there was some staining that was seeping through and yellowing the brick
  • Filled in all the little crevices in the brickwork with poly filler to take your eye away from the dark spots.

We still have the final top coat to go around the rest of the room, but at least now the builders can install the radiator.


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