Guest Room

Last November our friends Tom and Bronwen visited us from Canada and so we had the motivation to finally put the finishing touches on our guest room.  It was lucky we got our act together as just one month later our friends Matt and Sarsha from Australia also came to stay with us for a few days over New Years. Now I am even more pleased that we finished the space as it is literally the only room in the house which hasn’t been taken over by building supplies, dust, and tools.

I took these photos before we moved in and totally forgot to post them,  so as a break from construction photos, here is a moment of zen calm.

I am super pleased with the bed from Warren Evans that you will remember me telling you about here. We opted for a white washed stain from their wide range of finish options and are really happy with how it sits in the room both tonally and spatially. The double bed was also the right decision as there is plenty of space (by London standards) to get past the end.

As a belated design treat for myself (Happy 40th to me – thanks family), I bought the table lamp version of the Flos tab light by Barber& J. Osgerby to serve as one of the bed side tables.  I bought the floor lamp version 3  years ago for my old flat on Camberwell Grove and quite like how the low and high versions look together. The cushion is from Etsy (thank you Philippa!).

The ceiling pendant shade is the Ethel Standard Lamp from UK start up design company One Foot Taller.  I augmented the standard ceiling rose and light bulb arrangement with coloured electrical cable in Summer’s Blue from Dowsing and Reynolds (£3.79/ lm) I made this update when I realised that the existing ceiling rose was no longer in the centre of the room once I installed the row of IKEA high level storage cupboards (which you may remember me planning here).

I haven’t got around to sorting out bedside tables – but for now the pile of books and magazines is doing the trick just nicely.

We also haven’t undertaken a cupboard transformation like we did here in the Grand Hall as I haven’t yet decided on whether to just go for shelves, and buy or make a nice free-standing clothes hanging rack for visitors, or try to integrate a tiny bit of hanging space.




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