Timber Trusses – To paint or not to paint?

So I am debating on what to do with my exposed timber trusses.  Only the bottom horizontal chord will be visible (as the sloped elements are now hidden by insulation). These images aren’t therefore a perfect representation, but they give a sense of the feel that will roughly be achieved. My options are:

  • Leave them unpainted so they stand out against a crisp white ceiling as a feature (as in the cottage by Australian Interior Designer Lyn Gardener that you can see more images of here)
  • White wash them so you can still see the timber grain through the paint (as in the image of the kitchen from LDA architects which you can see more of here)
  • Paint them completely white so they add texture and interest to the ceiling but aren’t as visually dominant (Like the image I found on this blog, or the house by architects Sitio da Leziria that you can see more of here)

I don’t need to make this decision right now, as it is difficult to judge without any plaster on my walls and an unpainted ceiling (and I will post again once this is done so you can see!). My plan is to wait until the timber trusses have been re-installed before making a final decision, but I wanted to put the question out there. Thoughts as always are welcome as once I paint them, I can’t go back!


3 thoughts on “Timber Trusses – To paint or not to paint?

  1. You are correct in selecting the trusses from two points of view: let them stand out in a natural wood grain to make a statement, or paint them to keep the room calmer. Either way they will be an obvious feature which will be quite nice.

  2. I like the idea of the natural wood if it is not too dark – The antelope skulls in the side wall add an interesting touch!

    If you find you don’t like that then a simple white wash gets to my second option – failing that a white paint job is also possible and quite nice too. The reverse order would be a lot more work!!

  3. natural finish is my first choice; white washed second choice; painted third choice. seems you can even work through it in that order if you do not end up enjoying option 1 or 2!

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