Door Handles

There aren’t too many decisions left to make for this project, but one that I have been procrastinating on for ages (and finally just got around to committing to) is the door handles.

As the bathroom and study area is all new with a contemporary feel, I opted for flat panel 2400mm high tall doors instead of matching the 1900mm tall traditional 4 panel doors elsewhere in the house. (Plus, when your fiancee is 6′-4″ , having tall oversized doors is an appreciated feature!)

So, with the door decision made, I felt that the traditional knobs I had looked at back here wouldn’t be appropriate.  Of course it would be nice to have all of the door knobs in the house the same, but at the same time, I like that old doors get old knobs, and new doors get new style handles.

So,  I’ve opted for a stainless steel 16mm diameter lever handle from dline, with the oval thumb turn lock in the bathroom, (which vaguely recalls the oval escutcheons you see on traditional doors)


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