After 7 Weeks

As promised by my builder, there was great visible progress made this week.   The plasterer was here for three full days and ton weight of sand was brought back into our house to even out the walls with plaster.  Its nice to finally have all the horrible looking stitch structural repairs hidden away so I don’t have to think about them anymore! I’ve included some images that I took mid week of the rough plaster coat just because I liked the look of it. The basin was also installed so we no longer have to brush our teeth in the kitchen sink – yay!

The work undertaken this week included:

  • Finished all the plasterboard lining to all partitions (which are stuffed with Isover APR 1200 mineral wool insulation to improve the acoustic properties of the wall)
  • Started to box out the high level cupboard for the boiler
  • Built plywood box out for basin and cistern housing
  • Installed basin and taps
  • Lined shower surround with tile backer board (Notice how the builder has prepared the walls so that the tiles will sit flush with the plasterboard rather than projecting at the top – nice attention to detail!)
  • Rough coat of plaster to party wall and end garden wall
  • Finish top coat of plaster to all four study walls and the ceiling
  • Finish top coat to both sides of corridor walls
  • PVA sealer coat to brickwork in study area



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