Grout Selection

As the tiles go down this week, we had to decide on what grout colour to use. (I know, I know, this is not going to be the most riveting post ever, but stay with me! Alex was surprised that this was even a question that needed answering as his response was simply ‘surely just grout colour?’)

At work, we tend to specify Mapei grout colours, and you can see their range here.

I generally prefer to match the grout as closely as possible to tile colour so that you see the tiles rather than the grout lines.  I find that this approach creates a much less busy, more elegant appearance.

I generally avoid white on floors as it shows the dirt. And, as I learnt from first hand experience with the dark hexagon mosaic tiles that I installed in my flat on Camberwell Grove, I now avoid really dark grey as it too shows the dirt quite a bit.  In fact the amount of light coloured dirt (which I suspect is limescale deposits) that showed up on the dark grey grout lines in my old bathroom actually lead me to choose a medium coloured grey tile (and therefore grout) in the hopes of minimising this effect!

So, the decision was down to two – Manhattan 2000 (lighter one in the images above) and Cement Grey (the darker one). I feel the lighter grey is a closer match, and as it will only get darker when wet and dirty, I decided to go for this lighter colour.

For the subway tiles on the walls I am going with a white epoxy grout so that if the building moves slightly when we eventually do our side return extension, they have less chance of cracking as the grout is more flexible.  Plus it is much easier to keep clean as it isn’t as porous.

(Thanks Claire for your earlier vote. And yes, you did ask me this exact question a year ago when you were in the same position – its just much easier to make decisions for other people!)





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