Electric Heating Mat

As there wasn’t a lot of wall space left in our bathroom, we decided to opt for an underfloor heating system rather than a radiator. In addition to saving space, an underfloor system provides more even heat distribution and it feels nice and toasty under foot!  (More info here)

We are installing a small towel warmer at the end of the bath,  but I wasn’t fully convinced that it would be enough to heat the space alone.

There are two types of underfloor heating: electric (cheaper to install, thinner build up, but more expensive to run), and wet pipe (the opposite).  In a tiny bathroom of this size, it didn’t make much sense to run a complicated wet pipe system beneath the floor and so we opted for electric. Our reasoning also being that with any luck we won’t need to use it much, and can have it programmed to come on on quite low in the mornings, just to take the chill off of the tiles.  (Now that’s living in luxury!)

Electric heating mats are fairly straight forward pieces of ‘equipment’ – consisting of a series of electric wires set in a mat beneath a tiled floor. With this in mind I decided to make my decision on which manufacturer to use based on the lowest cost, and the best aesthetics of the thermostat as there isn’t really much that can go wrong. After a bit of research we decided to go with a 150W system (rather than 100W or 200W). A 100W mat is really only appropriate if there are other heating sources in the room. 200W mats are recommended in areas with high heat loss (like conservatories), and despite having a massive roof light, the room currently feels warmer than it ever was because of the improved insulation, so we think we should be ok.

The builders suggested Elecktra thermostat, and a Prowarm mat  and so that’s what we went with. I like the simple white box touch screen thermostat, which quite neatly matches our switches.



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