IKEA Designer Collaboration -Ingegerd Råman

We don’t really buy much furniture from IKEA these days because we are planning on staying put in our home for quite some time, (so want pieces that last), but I have recently been quite impressed with the quality I have seen from their designer collaborations.

So when I was checking in on the stock of the Sinnerlig cork coffee table from last year’s famous designer venture, I stumbled upon the news that the are working on a collection with Swedish glass and ceramic designer Ingegerd Råman.

The collection is called Viktigt and will be available in the UK from April 2016. It seems to be focused on bringing more unique handmade pieces to the IKEA brand. The collection features pretty woven bamboo pieces, and clean lined dishes and glasses for the table. The professional photography (included here from IKEA) looks more ‘lifestyle magazine’ than ‘IKEA catalogue’ – and if I hadn’t told you it was IKEA I suspect you wouldn’t have known!



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