IKEA Designer Collaboration – Ilse Crawford

I’ve been meaning to make a post about the designer collaborations IKEA has been undertaking lately but haven’t really got around to it until now.  So, as a break from dusty construction photos, here we go…

Last year in August IKEA released the Sinnerlig collection in the UK which was designed in collaboration with Interior Designer Ilse Crawford.

The affordable collection is comprised of 30 elegant pieces mainly for the kitchen and living room areas and has a really lovely tactile, hand made feel to it.  I checked out the collection at my annual pilgrimage to IKEA Croydon last year shortly after it was released and was surprised to find that pretty much everything in the collection was out of stock!

I was planning on undertaking a bit of an ‘IKEA Hack’ and purchasing the cork coffee table top, and using it as a bench (as it is longer than their actual bench), and then buying new taller legs for it.. but sadly it has been out of stock for months.

Instead I came home with the inevitable bag of tea lights, some 365+ Serving dishes , and the 365+ Glass Carafe with Cork Stopper (also pictured above), which somehow both sort of look as though they belong in the collection!



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