Velfac Windows

Continuing the theme of new glazing, here is a little bit of information about our new bathroom window.   The existing window in our old toilet room was a single glazed steel frame casement window, with a hole cut in the dimpled privacy glass to allow for a plastic vent grille to be installed.  Not exactly the nicest of details.  To help improve the thermal performance of our house where reasonably possible, (especially in a bathroom where you want it to be nice and warm!)  we decided to replace this window with a new double glazed casement window with thermally broken frames.

We chose a window from the well respected company Velfac who manufacture what is called a composite window.  Their windows are comprised of a timber interior frame and a clean lined exterior aluminium frame.  This means you get the benefit of both materials with an interior frame which is warmer to the touch, and is more in keeping with traditional residential interiors, and a maintenance free external aluminium frame that doesn’t need re-painting every 5 years.   Their frames are quite slender compared to other manufacturers and what I liked is that they aren’t fussy or have lots of seams and joints where frames and sub frames are fixed together.

Although this window may seem a little at odds with the traditional timber sash windows elsewhere in the house, it was always an anomaly being steel framed originally, and eventually when we have saved up again for the other phases, it will match the new windows in the extensions.

I opted for a white painted timber frame for the interior, and translucent privacy glass which is a planning requirement for all side windows to prevent overlooking.

The windows are on an 8 week lead time, so I had to measure up the brick opening myself and order them before Christmas so they would arrive in time for the building work. It was all a little bit stressful, but I triple checked the dimensions with Alex and when the window arrived on site two weeks ago – the builders confirmed it would fit. Phew!

The existing timber frame sash window in the study will remain as is despite it just being single glazing.  It is in very good condition, and is in keeping with the rest of the house, so it seemed a shame to replace it just yet.


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