As a break from dusty in progress construction photos, I thought I’d make a post about our Glazing Vision rooflights, which were delivered last Friday. The large rectangular rooflight that will go above our shower is enormous – I cant wait to see it installed!

The new openings in the roof have been framed out, but we don’t yet have a sense of how the additional daylight is going to feel as the openings have been covered over with a waterproof felt to keep us dry.

At work we always specify our rooflights from Glazing Vision, so this was my first port of call.  Their double glazed rooflights meet all the necessary thermal requirements to comply with building regulations (the big one has a U Value of 1.3 W/m2K), and they are clean lined and sleek. Their frame detail allows for the internal plasterboard lining to fully conceal the frame when viewed from within, so all you see is the sky when you look out.

My original design used non-standard sizes, but I learnt when I was undertaking my value engineering exercise that choosing from their standard range makes them roughly 20% cheaper. So, I ditched my custom sizes, and worked with what they had available.  I changed the linear rooflight I was going to have over my hallway into their smallest standard rooflight available (750mmx750mm) to save on cost while still allowing some top light in. Luckily there was a standard size rooflight that was only 100mm larger than I needed for above my shower, so that difference can be sorted out on site.

I also considered a company called Roof Glaze, that seems to have identical U Values and frame details as the rooflights from Glazing vision for about 10% less cost. Unfortunately though, I found the company a little too late.  Unlike Glazing vision who offers a 3 day delivery on their standard products, they would take 4 weeks to arrive – which meant they would arrive too late in the job.  Ah well, good to know for next time on a longer duration project!




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