After 3 weeks…

This week the focus was on plumbing. This is what the builders accomplished in their third week on site:

  • Relocated our boiler to high level above the new corridor, freeing up valuable floor space in our study area
  • Laid all new copper pipe runs from the boiler to future taps, toilet, shower and radiators
  • Provided a capped off hot and cold water supply for a future loft conversion (seen to the left of the boiler)
  • Installed the toilet cistern and frame
  • Installed our brand new Duravit Darling New Rimless toilet in time for the weekend – yay!
  • Started installing the electrical wiring for our new lights and sockets

Our new boiler location gave the plumbers a bit of a challenge in terms of laying out all the new pipework, but they managed to fit it all in so it will be concealed within the bathroom partition as intended. The copper is all so new and shiny and carefully laid out that it looks a bit like a church organ!

All of the photos I have taken so far have been in the dark because it is dark when I leave the house before work, and dark when I get home… so I made a point this weekend to take a few photos when the sun was shining into the space.


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