After 2 weeks…

In our second week of work although the progress wasn’t quite as visually dramatic as in the first few days when everything was stripped back to the bare brickwork but with the framing starting to go in, we can now start to see things taking shape.  The following progress was made over the week:

  • Remaining partition removed at the top of the staircase to reveal what will be our new long view through the house
  • All 5 cracks in the brick walls repaired with helifix ties
  • Opening cut in the roof and timber upstands formed for the rooflight that is going above our shower
  • Roof insulated (yay!)
  • Timber framing installed around the bathroom

In terms of the room sizes, the timber framing really helps to give us a feel of how our two new rooms are going to look.  The study actually feels quite a bit more generous than I had originally imagined a little 2m wide x 2.4m long room would actually feel.  I suspect the new high ceiling helps contribute to that sense of space.  The  bathroom on the other hand seems a little bit smaller than I was anticipating, but once the mirrored medicine cabinet and rooflight go in, it will start to feel more light an airy.



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