Innovative Use for Duct tape 104

Right. So this is our toilet and bathroom situation.

Moving a toilet is an expensive job, so to save on cost my design for the proposed bathroom layout keeps the toilet in its existing position.  Its current location has the added benefit of being conveniently tucked neatly out of the way of the main demolition right in one corner near the staircase. This means we can keep it plumbed in throughout the job, and don’t need to walk through the entire building site in the middle of the night and potentially fall through a loose floor board!

It’s not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, (especially in the winter when the room without any insulation is freezing!) but we are making do. At the moment we feel a bit like we have an early 19th century outhouse rather than a bathroom. Brrrr!   

Not visible in this image is the large piece of rigid insulation that I got our builders to cut for us to use as a temporary door, which also helps keep all the heat from escaping.

Luckily both of us have showers at work (Alex’s office showers even come with fresh towels daily!), and on the weekend I can shower at my gym, so that doesn’t propose too much of an inconvenience.

I came back home the other day to find this toilet paper holder arrangement that my builder had rigged up and it made me laugh. I guess there really are an infinite number of uses for duct tape!


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