The Herringbone Tile Debate

160117-TerraTonesOk fellow readers… lets get your thoughts…

I have my heart set on laying a mid grey diagonal herringbone pattern tiles on the floor… but I cant decide on which shade of grey and which size.   The wall tiles are white gloss subway tiles (75×100), and the backsplash behind the toilet and sink is grey Carrara marble. The options I am debating are:

  1. 100×600 uniform colour tone mid grey tiles from Royal Mosa’s Greys range.
  2. 50×600 subtly varied colour tone light grey tiles – Colour 206 XYZ from Royal Mosa’s Terra Tones range.
  3. 50×600 subtly varied colour tone mid grey tiles – Colour 215 XYX from the Terra Tones range.


  • Option A – Thin plank – 50mm wide x 600mm long (kitchen image on left)
  • Option B – Wide plank – 100mm wide x 600mm long (black timber image on right)


Variation in tone:

  • Option A – The Greys range is a uniform colour tile throughout which gives a clean fresh look a bit like concrete planks (bottom left image).
  • Option B – A box of tiles from the Terra Tones range will be comprised of equal quantities of three very slightly different shades (X, Y & Z) of the same grey to give the floor a more natural, subtly varied look (bottom right image). This overall variation will be a bit like you see in the kitchen floor image above. And no, you cant get a box with just the ‘X’ tone for instance.



I have discounted the very dark greys from each range as I like to match my tiles and my grout and the black grout I used in my flat on Camberwell Grove tended to show the light coloured dirt quite a bit. If I go with the 100×600 plank, Ive already decided on their soft mid grey. The question here is if I go with the 50×600 size as the greys in this range are different.

  • Option A – Light grey (Royal Mosa 206 X,Y,Z – top 3 tiles in bottom image) – To give a brighter more uniform appearance with less contrast for a softer look (Kind of like the tub image on the right, although there will be a bit more contrast).
  • Option B – Mid grey (Royal Mosa 215 X,Y,Z – bottom 3 tiles in bottom image) – To contrast a bit more with the wall tiles and marble for a more punchy look. (Kind of like the shower image on the left, although the tiles wont be as jet black)




6 thoughts on “The Herringbone Tile Debate

  1. I love the grey herringbone floor tile! I’d vote for the thin plank if it’s a small bathroom, but as long as the size varies a bit from the white wall tiles it should look great!

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