The 30 Day Challenge – Take 2 – Part 3

This week I attacked the kitchen junk drawer to thin down the pen supply that seems to magically self reproduce over the year, and our bathroom medicine cupboard.  As everything had to be cleared out of the bathroom for the renovation to take place,  it gave me good incentive to purge old bits and pieces of make up and half finished hand creams.

The next 5 days of my de-cluttering challenge looked like this:

  • 11 fabric items including 7 cloth shopping bags (that like the pens seem to multiply over the year), 3 further items of clothing and a fabric hat pin.
  • 12 random bits and pieces from our garden shed and kitchen, including two pairs of dull, rusty garden clippers that I can now replace with the nice new pair I got for Christmas!
  • 13 items from our bathroom
  • 14 items from my pencil case and kitchen junk drawer including 9 pens, 2 pairs of scissors, 2 bull dog clips, and a no longer needed USB cable for an iphone 4.
  • 15 items of costume jewellery which I haven’t worn over the past year

I know a lot of the items are quite small, but added together they still account for quite a lot of clutter and clearing these things out still make space and counts!


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