… and then the ceiling came down

On Sunday last weekend after our day of tile removal, we put on our dust masks, gloves and eye protection goggles and set about removing the ceiling. This required quite a lot more effort than the tiles, which, for the most part, just pinged off.   It also created a LOT more dust. Probably about 100 years of soot infused dust to be precise.  Which, despite my best efforts to seal the area off from the rest of the house, somehow managed to escape and lightly coat most surfaces throughout. :o(

I felt pleased however that I had at least decided to pack all our books and picture frames into boxes before starting the work as that meant a few less nooks and crannies to clean.

The ceiling was comprised of two layers of plasterboard, and it was difficult to get enough leverage to pull down large pieces. We ended up chipping it off bit by bit with the claw end of a hammer as we couldn’t access the void above from the loft to just kick through.

Once we had a large enough hole however, and had mastered the technique of removing each layer individually, rather than trying to pull down both at once, the work became easier.

By the end of the day it looked as though we had both been down to the bottom of a coal mine, but we finished the job and clean up by 6pm in time to eat the one pot roast lamb meal we had put in the oven to slow cook on our lunch break. (Thanks Matt and Sarsha for the recipe!)



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