The 30 Day Challenge – Take 2 – Part 2

So it turns out that there are actual psychological studies that demonstrate that mess causes stress… The reasons clutter leads to stress are numerous and include that it signals to the brain that our work is not done, making it more difficult to relax. I can certainly relate to that one! I found this article from interesting as it talked not just about physical clutter, but digital clutter that bombards us every day.  Although I’m not going to include my digital de-cluttering here, the article gave me good reason to keep up the challenge.

Here are the results of my next 5 days de-cluttering:

  • 6 pairs of shoes – either not worn in the past year, or worn so much that they are worn through
  • 7 items from the junk drawer – including 3 boiled ‘egg cosies’ (we never eat boiled eggs), and 4 energy saving light bulbs that I have been meaning to recycle for over a year now but have delayed as I didn’t know where to take them, until I found This website that tells you whre your nearest light bulb recycling location in the UK is located – brilliant! (No pun intended)
  • 8 magazines – Ok, I confess I’ve still kept a few, as I like to have them around, but as the trends change, they will no doubt find their way to the recycling bin this time next year
  • 9 bits and pieces from our kitchen – including 2 old food tins that I was keeping but never used, a jar of rock candy which neither of us like, 2 white gloss lacquered spoons which now look scratched and tired, another mis-matched teaspoon, a ball of never used string, a random plastic beaker, and a loose tea leaf holder whose clasp had gone
  • 10 items of clothing – taken to the charity shop




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