The 30 Day Challenge – Take 2 – Part 1

Happy New Year everyone!

For those of you who have been following my blog for a year, you may remember that I attempted the 30 Day Challenge in January 2015.

This de-cluttering project challenges you to throw out one item on day one, two items on day two, and so on until you reach day 30. I successfully made it to day 20 (with some difficulty I must confess!). The results of my first 10 days are recorded here and my second 10 days are here.

An annual winter clear out to keep things in check seems like a good idea, so I’m having another go. Here are my first 5 days since January 1st. I started with the ‘easy’ areas of going through the books, CDs, and video games that hide out in our living room, and them moved onto the kitchen.

  • 1 Tape measure – We have three left, of varying lengths and sizes, so it seemed safe to at least get rid of one this year.
  • 2 CD Box Sets – Alex rips all his music onto the computer, so we don’t tend to have CD cases hanging around.
  • 3 small pieces of random ceramic and glassware – The retro green vase I loved, but it is cracked, chipped on one side, and no longer holds water, so its time to go.
  • 4 Video Games – Thanks Alex for your contribution to the cause!
  • 5 Books – I like to keep books which would recommend to others or pass on. These from Alex’s and my collection didn’t quite make the cut, so off to the charity shop they go.




2 thoughts on “The 30 Day Challenge – Take 2 – Part 1

  1. unrelated but similarly, we used a good portion of our time off between between xmas and returning to work in january to sort, organize, and tidy drawers, cabinets, and closets. i also took matters into my own hands and finally hung the stained glass window that had been waiting for the boy’s help (ahem). we always have a charity shop bag or box going for miscellaneous bits and bobs and no longer make the cut and i’ve found one that will pick up from the house (bonus!). here’s to good, tidy feelings for 2016!

  2. Well done on all that sorting and tidying. Clutter does tend to creep up on you doesn’t it? Here’s to tidy feelings for 2016 indeed! I like the idea of a charity shop bag that is always easily available for top ups throughout the year…

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