Bathroom Tiles

I’m sure you are all wondering what tiles I have opted for… so after much debate this is what I have decided:

  • Wall tiles around the shower – 75×100 white gloss metro tiles from Grestec Tiles.  Product code PQ9401.
  • Floor tiles – 100×600 sized large format Terra Maestricht tiles from Royal Mosa in colour 226 (a medium grey), laid in a herringbone pattern as shown in the above images.
  • Sink backsplash – Carrara Marble. I’ve managed to get a deal on an offcut from a marble yard just around the corner from where I live at MGLW Marble and Granite.

I debated on going for a larger 100×300 wall tile,  but in drawing up my tile setting out drawing, I would end up with too many cut tiles, especially on the walls at each end of the tup which are only 700mm wide. In the end I figured that although you see them everywhere these days, you cant really go wrong with a classic subway tile.


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