A new Entrance Mat

What with winter now here (despite it being quite mild) and more frequent rainy days to come – it seemed like a good time to properly sort our our front entrance mat (that and the fact that I accidentally splashed red paint over the old IKEA rug I had owned for years when touching up the front door paint – oops!).

We decided on a grey coir mat from Flooring UK who do a wide range of pre-cut sizes and who offered the best price I could find online. I discovered that coir (naturally a warm brown colour) was available dyed in a variety of colours from red and green, to dark chocolate brown and black. I (of course) opted for the dark grey so it would match our gunmetal grey radiators. Coir, which I learnt is actually made from coconut, is tough and durable and absorbs moisture – so its perfect for rolling our bikes and wet shoes over.

We ordered a full hallway width rug as the floorboards are in pretty bad shape around the door where they have been hacked into to gain access to the gas and electrical pipes below so we felt it was neater to hide them.

Flooring UK didn’t have the exact width, but as the website stated, it was indeed fairly easy to cut the mat down to the exact width from the back side using a Stanley knife.

Job done!


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